Second Life

WTF is Second Life ?

In the words of the website Second Life is a place to “Experience endless surprises and unexpected delights in a world imagined and created by people like you.”

Second Life, fun, explore, avatar, party, friends, funny, joke, sad, MMO

The thing is… that is what SL used to be – for me at least – and then it turned into something much more. It seemed to become an endless blur of shopping, blogging, photographing, creating…you get the idea. I’ve only me to blame but I made SL not exactly fun. Of course it had its moments, I had some amazing and hilarious friends in that little world before I left but when it got got to a point where I was stuck in front of a camera or a lucky chair rather than at the club trading jokes on someone’s shoes or being a complete moron with bloody pencils sticking out of my nose I knew it wasn’t really what I was there for in the first place.

I am bringing that Second Life back…hopefully for more than just me. How many hunts, cheapo sales, and group gifts can one avatar take anyway? There has to be more to it than that.. and I’m determined to find it.


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